Power Quality Analysis and Analyzers

Power Quality: Definitions, power factor, reactive power for pure sine wave systems, distorted waveforms, factors defining power quality, factors affecting power quality, Load balancing techniques.

  • • Basics of electrical technology.
  • • Types of electrical loads.
  • • Concept of linear and non-linear loads.
  • • Reactive power significance on source and system losses.
  • • Reasons of waveform distortions.
  • • Factors defining power quality.
  • • Load Balancing techniques.

Harmonics: sources of generation of harmonics, measurement principles, analytical and experimental evaluation, harmonic analyzer, problems, solutions and practical examples.

  • • Harmonics definition, Visual understanding, Sources of harmonics.
  • • Measurement techniques.
  • • Theoretical analysis of a new project.
  • • Harmonic analysers, types, accessories, features.
  • • Effects of harmonics on power system components.
  • • Mitigation techniques.
  • • Harmonic Filters, types, designs, application.

Principles of power measurement in sinusoidal and non sinusoidal waveforms.

  • • Concept of fundamental power and total power.
  • • Power factor and Deviation Power Factor.
  • • Effect on source.

Different connections of CT and PT Used for power measurement. Safety precautions in power measurement.

  • • Physical connections of CT & PT.
  • • CT ratios, PT ratios, identification, connections.
  • • Safety precautions.
  • • Analysis of data collected.
  • • Data Presentation.
  • • Inferences.

Single phase and three phase power measurement. Power quality issues in power measurement. Power quality analysis using PQ analyser (If available at the training place).

  • • Power measurement for multiple loads.
  • • Single phase loads, balanced and unbalanced loads.
  • • Three phase balanced loads.
  • • Actual analysis.
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